Letter to the Community


The New Paradise Baptist Church would like to take this opportunity to thank the community in which we reside for being patient and embracing us these many years, and it is our sincere hope that you have been blessed by our presence. The New Paradise family is in constant prayer for this community, and it is our commitment to provide a place of safety and refuge for anyone in need of spiritual guidance and support. The church family at New Paradise would also like to extend an open invitation for you to join us in praise, prayer, or study as we consider every member of this community a friend of the New Paradise family. The doors of New Paradise Baptist Church are open to all who wish to come in, because everyone is welcome in the house of God.

Address:  420 68th St.  San Diego, CA, 92114
Office Phone:  (619)266-0214
E-mail: info@newparadisebc.com