History of New Paradise Baptist Church

Our Church History

Sunday, April 9, 1961: Rev. Jesse J. Baker founded Paradise Baptist Church in his home on Beta Street.

1963: We relocated to a little storefront on 31st and National Avenue were members worked religiously to

purchase a church in which to carry on Gods work.

November 7, 1972: The church moved to 1705 Logan Avenue, paying

the mortgage in full, June 3, 1987 the church was sold.

May 13,1988: A new property location of 420 68th Street was purchased.

July 10, 1988 Sunday, Rev. Baker & members caravanned to the new

site to break ground for the new church in which Rev. Baker, feeling

ill, stated “He may not be able to serve with them in the new church,

but he knew Gods work would be carried out”.

July 26, 1988: Rev. Baker departed this world to be with The Lord.

October 30, 1988 – February 3, 1991: Rev. Andrew McNeal was called as interim pastor.

May 2, 1989 – February 1, 1990: Paradise Baptist Church held services in The Boys and Girls Club at 6785 Imperial Ave.

August 9, 1990: Paradise Baptist Church became NEW Paradise Baptist Church.

February 28, 1991: Rev. Conners Nelson was called in as interim pastor.

May 15, 1991 – September 13, 1993: He was later voted in and served as the pastor.

March 21, 1994 – August 24, 1997: New Paradise was blessed with Rev. Archie Ray Robinson.

March 27,1994: Rev. Archie Ray Robinson delivered his first sermon getting the congregation involved in the service, playing his keyboard. The cornerstone and the portrait of Rev. Baker were dedicated.

February 23, 1998: Rev. Anthony C. Frazier was sent to lead New Paradise Baptist Church.

March 1, 1998: Rev. Anthony C. Frazier preached his first sermon to the congregation “Let The Church Be The Church” Romans 15:5&6.

March 22, 1998: Rev. Anthony C. Frazier became the new pastor, preaching “The Church Called And God Sent”

March 29, 1998: Rev. Frazier takes the entire church out for a fellowship dinner announcing how blessed he was.

July 6, 1998: The seven point plan was presented, which included the mission statement, “Reaching the lost, Nourishing the saved, and Loving all