Today’s devotional meditation is taken from Psalm 104, which expresses the greatness of God and the wisdom and splendor of His creation. The very fact that He created all things with such great precision and detail, and we are able to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of His achievement.

Because we become so busy with all of life’s activities, we tend to neglect to stop and praise God for the magnificence of His handiwork. We sometimes become so submerged with focusing on our problems and responsibilities that we are oblivious to the sounds of birds singing, the colors of a sunset or a sunrise. We lose sight of the beautiful mountain and hillsides, and the brightness of the sun and the multitude of the stars in the sky at night.

The psalmist issues a command to all who know the LORD to praise Him for the Excellence of His amazing greatness, and to recognize how blessed we are to have all of this on this side of life. He is so good.

Pastor James Moore, Jr.