Good Morning! Today’s devotional meditation is taken from Jeremiah 17:9, which says,

“The heart is deceptive above all things, and desperately sick; who can understand it?”

The question has been asked many times, “How can anyone do that…?” Our minds are always dumbfounded by the wicked acts we see on a daily basis. We marvel how some can be so cruel, and how they can think of things so evil to do to others. The answer is summed up in the fact that the human heart is deceptive and incurably sick, and will only do what it is disposed to do. That is why we see, what appears to us to be new levels of wickedness everyday. However, there is a cure. We were in that very predicament before we had a heart transplant.

The only cure for a corrupt heart is for the Lord to bring about a radical change. The things we are astonished about can only be changed when an individual is born again, and becomes a new creation in Christ. That is the cure for a sick society.

Pastor James Moore, Jr.