Today’s devotional meditation is from Psalm 12. It is a sad reality that we face insults. Some will viciously defame us. Sadly, many venomous insults and false accusations are directed our way because of a misunderstanding, or because the person is a busybody. There are even those who for no reason at all, just do not like an individual and will speak badly about them.

The good thing is that God hears and knows the hearts of everyone. He is the One that will deal with the perpetrator. Our responsibility is to make sure that we are free and clear from doing anything that has provoked them. Verses 5-7 offers comforting hope for us. The LORD will always take care of the situation.

I want to encourage us not to allow that which someone says about us to become so discouraging that we retaliate. Always take it to the LORD and allow Him to heal us and give us peace. The LORD will take care of us, if we trust Him to handle it.

May the LORD bless you and Keep you.

Pastor James Moore, Jr.