Today’s Devotional meditation is taken from Psalm 16. This psalm starts out with a prayer of David to God for His preserving power to protect him. He then testifies of the of the fact that he is totally in trouble apart from the Lord. It is this testimony of David that we can all relate. It is necessary to be honest with ourselves in order to know that we are totally dependent upon Him.

David then goes on to express His confidence in the Lord by acknowledging the many blessings God has lavished upon him and the future blessings and promises God will extend unto him. It is for us to know that the more experience we have with God, the more confident we will be in His ability to help us in every circumstance.

Take time today to realize how much the Lord has kept you and I  throughout all of your problems and how much He has blessed us with His best.

Blessings to you in Christ.

Pastor James Moore, Jr.