Today’s devotional meditation is taken from Psalm 113:5-6, which says,

Who is like the LORD our God, who is seated on high, (6) Who looks far down on the heavens and the earth?

The Psalm writer asks a rhetorical question saying, “Who is like the LORD our God…?” The answer to the question is a resounding no one! He stands alone in the magnitude of His awesome greatness. Our highly exalted God, who is seated on the throne, condescends down to reach us with all of our frailties. He is ever-loving and ever-caring for the people of low estate.

I stand amazed to think that the King of glory, who is seated in the highest of heavens, would take time to be concerned with you and I. Just knowing how we are… Just knowing how much we take Him for granted… Just knowing how many times we fail Him… Just knowing that He is holy, holy, holy, and He still extends grace and mercy unto us. It calls for us to offer up to Him our highest praise. We serve an awesome God.

Let us not neglect to reshape our ways of thinking about Him and see the magnitude of His care and concern for His own.

Spoudazo – Do your best today!


Pastor James Moore, Jr.