Today’s devotional meditation is from Psalm 17.  this David’s intense cry for help while facing hostility from opposing forces.  In the life of every believer there will be times of great anguish and distress, brought about by the hands of enemies.  There will be times of sorrow and sadness.  There will be times when we will be attacked by haters.  I know you can relate.

David cries out to God because of the trying circumstances he is agonizingly going through.  He examined himself to make sure that his prayer to God was not hindered because of any unconfessed sin.  In the first verse he calls on God to “hear”, pay attention to, and to listen to his request for relief and deliverance.  It is ours to follow his pattern when making our requests to God.  Then David expresses his confidence in God’s ability to help him in his time of distress.  In verse 15, David expresses his satisfaction in the Lord.  While you and I go through trying hostility in life, we must make sure we take satisfaction in the Lord’s ability to care for us while we endure our plight.  We must stay encouraged in all of life, because we have awesome God who is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all that we can ask or think.

Blessings to you!

Pastor James Moore, Jr.
San Diego, California