Hatred stirs up strife, but love covers all sins. Proverbs 10:12

It is a sad thing for Christians to keep holding things against another Christian when you know God will not be pleased with one blatantly defying His will.  God’s will is for His children to settle their differences and move on so that the work He has assigned our hands to do can go on unhindered.  The Lord will not empower the one who keeps holding a grudge or grudges against others. Therefore, it is imperative that the one who harbors resentment releases it in order to glorify God.  I want you to be forewarned that the one holding a grudge is in rebellion to God’s will, and God will deal with you.

Holding a grudge is spiritually unhealthy, and most of all you are in direct rebellion against God.  Holding grudges is one’s refusal to forgive; and might I ask, who are you to hold on to something and not forgive, especially if the person has approached you and sought forgiveness?  LET IT GO! It is not worth the whoopin you are going to get.  Do you remember a man named King Saul? He held a grudge against David until the day of his death.  And the sad thing about it David did not do anything to Saul for him to be mad at him in the first place. Saul just couldn’t let it go. He died holding a grudge. DO NOT LET THAT BE YOUR TESTIMONY!

I have witnessed on too many occasions individuals holding grudges against someone and act as if God is receiving their worship…I’ve got news for you, it is falling on deaf ears.  LET IT GO! Paul strongly urged two ladies in the Philippian church to put away their differences, and to be of the same mind.  Spiritual harmony is vital for spiritual stability in the church.

To illustrate how senseless it is to hold a grudge for an extended period of time there is a true story about the King and Queen of Spain from 1981.  King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia decided to boycott the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana to continue a protest dating back to 1704.  The Spanish government sent out an announcement that the king and queen refused the invitation to the wedding because the royal couple planned to go on a honeymoon cruise to Gibraltar on their yacht.  Gibraltar is located on the tip of Spain’s Iberian Peninsula; however, it is a British territory in Spain.  As you can see that was a grudge that was carried for two hundred and seventy-seven years.  LET IT GO! Now you may not be holding on to a grudge for two hundred and seventy-seven years, but any grudge more than one day is too long. I want you to remember, there won’t be any grudges in Heaven.  LET IT GO NOW!

Your servant in Christ,

Pastor Moore