Friday, September 9th during Family Enrichment Night married couples (and soon to be married couples) participated in a seminar on improving marriage through effective communication. This session the topic was – How are we Living?  “Wedlock or Deadlock”.  Couples participated in talks on communication, appreciating your spouse, and having a commitment to your marriage.   In addition to receiving tips and guidance on helpful steps to improve marriages, couples played interactive games – the dating game, couples listening game, and knowing your spouse game.

Laughter was heard throughout the night as some surprising answers were given showing what we know about our spouses and what our spouses know about us, In addition, how we can sometimes not intentionally, but through not employing proper communication techniques, ineffectively communicate with each other, (Gloria Moore’s rendition of the pig Pastor Moore was describing with words without showing her the picture, has to be seen to be believed).  Check out the pictures below.  Be sure to join us next time in October and don’t miss the Marriage Retreat in November.