1 Ascribe to the Lord, O heavenly beings,  ascribe to the Lord glory and strength.  2  Ascribe to the Lord the glory due his name; worship the Lord in the splendor of holiness. ….

Good Morning! Blessings to you.

Your Scripture for today is Psalm 29. David commands the heavenly beings and all of mankind to “give,” or attribute unto the LORD all of the praise, adoration and splendor to the LORD who is worthy to be praised. Because He is preeminent over all of His creation. Because of His sovereign authority over all things He the reason our lives can be comforted no matter what happens in life. Because He controls all things, nothing is able to overcome His awesome power. Let that bring comfort to you during your times of uncertainty.

The word “voice” is used seven times in this psalm, which speaks of His ultimate authority to speak and control all of His creation. Keep in mind if He spoke the world into existence, He is able to speak and bring peace, blessings and strength to His children. Be encouraged as you go through His providential plan for your life. Live each day trusting our God who is enthroned in heaven and controlling everything on earth.

Have a wonderful day adoring our AWESOME God!

Pastor James Moore, Jr.