The honor and privilege of coming to worship every Sunday is a tremendous joy to me. I love meeting with the people of God in order to lift up the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. God continues to smile on us by using us to accomplish His will. I am grateful that you (the members) and I are co-laborers in God’s Kingdom work.

What a blessing to arrive at NPBC early and see the arrival of our wonderful transportation ministry ready to go and pick up our membership. Thank you Donnie Little, Ken Harrison and Sean Fuller for your faithfulness. I thank God for His traveling mercy. Crystal continues to faithfully come early to set up the fruit, Juice and coffee for all of us. Thank you Crystal Joy for your faithful dedication. As always, week after week, to hear the members arriving for Church School and Morning Worship.

I want to give a special thank you to Bro. Donnie Little & Chairman Smith for helping Rev. Davidson and myself lead out in Church School Devotion. Song: O How I love Jesus; Chairman led out with the Scripture, Song of Solomon 6:4-12; Rev. Davidson led out in Prayer. Thank you Supt. Monroe for your stellar leadership! Thank you Mother Bush, Denise & Akida for your organizational skills. Special thanks to Rhonda, Donnie, Robert, Ronalda, AT, Michael, Marvin, Greg, Anita & Ken for your faithfulness in preparing to teach your classes. Thank you to the students who faithfully attend Church School in order to grow spiritually. The Lesson came from Song of Solomon 6:4-12 titled “The Most Beautiful Bride.” A tremendous lesson.

To all of the ministries that serve to make sure that our worship service is in order thank you: Welcome & Greeters, Sound Ministry, Nurses, Ushers & Multi-Media. Thank you Deacons, Male Chorus, Musicians, Children’s Time with Jesus. Thank you to Vice Chairman Drummond for the Devotional Meditation. Thank you Rev. Davidson for extending the Call to Worship. Thank you Male Chorus for leading out in an outstanding Devotional Praise Period. Thank you Chairman for extending the Welcome to our Visitors. I am grateful for Derrick Neely for visiting from New Creation Church. Special shout out to our “Celebrities! ” Male Chorus You always give your best! Thank you Bro. Carl for your leadership. Thank you Musicians: Marcus, Shirley, Barry, Sis. Nadine, Ivy & Bro. Billy. Male Chorus sang “I Will Lift” & “Take Me Back.” Rev. Davidson presided over the offering, and offered Altar Prayer. The Sermon came from Philippians 3:17-21, titled “Be Careful Who You Follow.” I want to give a special shout out to the Trustees who faithfully handle the business of the church. Denise thank you for your leadership. Thank you Mother Bush for all that you do here at NPBC. A special shout out to our “Barnabas” Joseph Lemon, Jr., who goes out of his way to welcome every visitor that walks through the doors of New Paradise.

Thank you to the Male Chorus and members for going to New Bethel B.C., in support of the Installation Service for Rev. C. L. Gaither. Thank you Rev. Overstreet for your support.

Sunday was a very fulfilling day. I thank God for the privilege of being the pastor of New Paradise. You are a wonderful church. Thank you for allowing me to pastor you. May the Lord continue to guide us as we seek to glorify Him.

Your servant in Christ,

Pastor Moore