The First Sunday of the New Year! What a blessing it was to have the privilege of gathering together with the membership of NPBC.

Sunday started out like most. Crystal faithful came to make sure that refreshments were in place for the members as they arrived for Church School. The Prayer Team led by Rev. Davidson arrived in order to have First Sunday Early Morning Prayer.

Thank you Deacon’s Wives for your preparation of the Lord’s Supper Table. Thank you Mother Virginia Stidum & Ivy Jones for your leadership.

Church School attendees began to arrive, as with most Sundays, they arrive with excitement. A special thanks to Sis. Valerie Lynn & Chairman for leading out in Church School Devotion. Song: Blessed Assurance led by Valerie, Scripture was also led by Valerie (Genesis 29:15-30). Chairman led out in prayer. A special thank you to the teachers who prepared to teach the Church School lesson titled, “A Bride Worth Waiting For” (Genesis 29:15-30). Thank you Superintendent A T Monroe, Sis. Bush, Denise & Akida for your Administration and Record keeping. Thank you Rhonda Bateman, Donnie Little, Chairman Robert Smith, Ronalda Day, A T Monroe, Michael Foreman, Anita Drummond, Greg Drummond and Ken Harrison for your faithfulness.

I want to thank Chairman Robert Smith for leading out in the Morning Worship Devotional Meditation. Thank you Rev. Davidson for leading out with the Call to Worship. Thank you Eric Overstreet for leading out in the Doxology. Thank you Deacons & Wives for leading out in Devotion. Thank you Voices for being a blessing while leading out in the Song “Just Make Heaven My Home” & “By His Grace.” Thank you Rev. Davidson for presiding over the offering. A special thank you to all of the officers who attended for the installation prayer. The sermon came from Philippians 3:12-16 titled, “An Insatiable Desire for Spiritual Perfection.” We rejoice because the Lord moved upon the heart of Sister Karen Morris to unite with New Paradise. Hallelujah! A special thank you for the deacons for your Leadership during our observance of The Lord’s Supper.

As we start the New Year, I am asking all members to dedicate themselves to growing more intimate with our Lord. I am asking that we be faithful to the cause of Christ and to the church. Thank you to all of the ministries of New Paradise. I look forward to serving the Lord together with you.

Your servant in Christ,

Pastor Moore