What a Sunday it was. I thank God for greatly blessing us. From the time the members began filing in to Baker Hall, it was a very joyful time. Everyone seemed excited to be a Church School anticipating the Christmas play. I give a great big shout out to the cast of the Christmas play. The play was tremendous. I believe that not only I, but all were truly blessed. Great job Rhonda coordinating the play. Great job Doreen coordinating the costumes. Everything was put together so good.

Today was YAYC Sunday. Thank you Deacon Manning for the Morning Worship Devotional Meditation. Thank you Rev. Davidson for leading out in the Call to Worship. Thank you Young Adult Praise Team, you did an outstanding job ushering us into the presence of the Lord. Thank you Janea for extending the welcome to the visitors, and we thank God for the visitors for coming to worship the Lord our King with us. It is a blessing for the support of the membership. Thank you for your faithfulness. I want to personally express my thanks to the membership on behalf of Gloria, Isaiah and myself for your cards and gifts of love for Christmas. As I have said many times, I am so grateful that God Almighty has blessed me to be the Pastor of New Paradise Baptist Church. Thank you Chairman for leading our in the Altar Prayer. The sermon came from Luke 2:8-14 titled “An Extraordinary Announcement.” It was our Angel Tree Sunday. Thank you Mother Richardson and Sister Toni for always doing an outstanding job in whatever you do. Thank you Sister Bush for always having my back. Celebrities You are a joy! Thank you Trustees, Deacons, and all that goes toward giving the Lord the worship and praise that HE is so worthy of.

I love you New Paradise. God is an awesome God.

Your Servant in Christ,

Pastor Moore