God’s grace, mercy and goodness continues to abound in New Paradise. His presence can be seen working in our church. I am delighted that I have the opportunity to pastor such wonderful people.

We are grateful for the Lord bringing AT back. Thank you Transportation Ministry. I am so blessed by our Church School and the many getting on board with the early start time. We are experiencing consistent attendance Sunday after Sunday. Thank you to the Church School for leading out in Devotion.  A special thanks to all who faithfully attend Church School. Special thanks to the Administration and the Teaching staff for maintaining a smooth running Church School.

Thank you AT for the Devotional Meditation before the start of Worship. Thank you Rev. Pitre for extending the Call to Worship. A great big shout out to Bro. Carl Overstreet and the Male Chorus for leading out in the Praise Period. Also, Special shout out to Bro. Lester Logan for leading a song in the Praise Period. Special shout out also to everyone for being at their appointed post: Welcome & Greeters, Sound Ministry, Nurses, Ushers, Multi-Media, Male Chorus, Children’s Time with Jesus, Deacons, Trustees, Male Chorus, Trustees & Ministers. Special thanks to Dea. Joe Lemon for extending the welcome to our visitors. We were blessed to have a number of Visitors worshiping with us. Thank you Rev. Davidson for leading out in the Offering. Male Chorus, as usual you blessed us tremendously. I preached part 2 of the sermon from Philippians 2 titles “The Reason Why Jesus is Lord.”

Let us be in prayer for all that are on the prayer list and for all who are traveling this week for the Thanksgiving Holiday. Thank you again New Paradise for being so kind. I thank God for the privilege of being your pastor. God is good all the time.

Your servant in Christ,

Pastor Moore