I’m back. After a brief layoff due to Seminary assignments that have occupied a lot of my time, I finally have a chance to write the Sunday Notes.

I appreciate you New Paradise. We have had a very full second half of 2015, and yesterday marked the end of our afternoon goings and comings. Thank you for hanging in there with me as we have served the Lord on many Sunday Afternoons. Yesterday was one great big blessing all day long. As usual, thank you Transportation Ministry, Bro. Sean Fuller for always being at your appointed post and driving the van to pick up the eager members who look forward to coming to Church School. Thank you Crystal Joy and the Hospitality Ministry for faithfully coming to set up the fruit and pastries for everyone to enjoy. Thank you YAYC for leading out in Church School Devotion. Thank you Teachers and Students for your presence and participation in Church School. Thank you Administrative staff for handling the business of the Church School . Our lesson came from Acts 16:1-15, titled “Spreading the Word.”

As we moved into the time for Morning Worship, I want to thank the Deacon Lemon for the Morning Meditation. Thank you Rev. Pitre for the Call to Worship from Isaiah 53:1-7. The Young Adult Praise Team and the YAYC were off the chain all morning. Thank you Bro. Everett and YAYC for singing “Beautiful” and “Awesome.” Young people you are a great blessing to NPBC. Thank you Myra for extending the Welcome to our Visitors and thank you to our visitors for coming to worship with us. Thank you Membership for being faithful in your giving. Thank you Rev. Davidson for leading out in prayer time. The sermon came from Philippians 2:5-11 titled “The reason why Jesus is Lord” part 1. Thank you Welcome & Greeters, Ushers, Sound Ministry, Multi-Media, Musicians, Deacons, Trustees, Sis. Bush and all who take part in making sure that we give the Lord our best.

We were blessed to have the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Mobil Unit come to give free mammograms. Thank you Wendy and Lorraine for donating your time. Also, Thank you to all who took time to get screened. Thank you to the Susan G. Komen Foundation for agreeing to come back to NPBC every third Sunday in November. Praise God.

The day of celebration was not over. We are so grateful for Mt. Sinai B.C. and Pastor Cedric for coming over to celebrate the Lord for our “Faithful Servants” who faithfully served the Lord. We had a great time in worship yesterday afternoon. Pastor Collins did an outstanding job preaching and the Voices of Mt. Sinai also did an excellent joy. A great big shout out to Rev. Davidson for the Call to Worship; Men of NPBC for the Devotional Praise; Thank you Jasmine Henderson for the Welcome; Thank you Male Chorus for always giving your best! Thank you Hospitality Ministry for a delicious dinner. I love you New Paradise. I thank God for calling to pastor this beautiful church.

Your servant in Christ,

Pastor Moore