What a great day the Lord’s grace lavished upon us! As usual, the day started off with  the Transportation Ministry arriving at 6:45 a.m. Thank you Deacon Little, Deacon Harrison and Bro. Sean Fuller for your faithful dedication. Thank you Lord for your traveling grace for the Transportation Ministry.

I thank Deacon & Sister Harrison for leading out in Church School Devotion. Thank you also, Denise, Akida, Sis. Bush and Church School teaching staff for carrying on in the absence of our Superintendent. Also Happy Birthday to Supt. A T Monroe. God’s continued blessings to you. The Lesson came from Acts 4:23-31 titled “Pray for One Another.” So grateful for Donnie Little, Rhonda Bateman, Ronalda Day, Marvin Davidson and all of those who attended yesterday. We had good attendance. I want to invite all of the membership or NPBC to come to Church School in order to be taught. I promise, you will be edified.

We were tremendously blessed to have New Birth Kingdom Fellowship worshiping with us. A Special Shout out to Pastor Archie Robinson and his lovely wife along with the Church for coming to celebrate Jesus with NPBC. I greatly appreciate Chairman Smith for the Meditation, and the Deacons and Wives for a spirit filled devotion. Thank you Mother Miller for reading the Pastor’s Desk. As usual, Sarita you did a great job giving the announcements. Chairman Smith, thank you for the Welcome. A great big shout out goes to the Choir. You all blessed our hearts! To God be the glory. I continued the Sermon Series “The Challenge of the Church in a Disturbed Social Order,” from Revelation 2:12-17, titled “Compromise is Unacceptable.” We were blessed to have a new member unite with NPBC Mother Birdie Estes. We welcome you to New Paradise. Thank you Nurse Vickie Lindsey, Sound Ministry, Ushers, Welcome & Greeters, Trustees, Children’s Time with Jesus, Hospitality, Sis. Bush for the Bulletins, Ivy, Eric, Billy, Jean, Barry, Shirley. Thank you all that serve the Lord at NPBC

A Special thank you to all that were able to support at New Jerusalem. Thank you Deacons for helping out in Devotion. Thank you Choir for Singing with great zeal and blessing us again! Thank you Ushers for serving! Thank you Rev. Davidson for your support. I appreciate all of you.

Let us remember that our worship does not stop after the benediction. We must always be in a state of worship because God is worthy of our constant devotion to Him. He is Awesome!

Than you New Paradise! I love you!

Your servant in Christ

Pastor Moore