God’s grace allowed us to see the fourth Sunday in the month of August, and we, the people of God were blessed to have the privilege of assembling together in order to celebrate our God because He is worthy to be praised.

Sunday once again started out in a joyful manner; Deacon Little of the Transportation Ministry, arrived at the Church at 7:00 a.m., to carryout, faithfully his responsibility of picking up the Members for Church School. Thank you Deacon Little and Transportation Ministry. It is a joy, as I am up in my office, listening as the door chime signals those arriving and hearing them greeting one another with happiness and excitement. Sunday’s gatherings are for the purpose of: Study, Fellowship, and Worship. A great big shout out to Crystal Dunn for making sure that the Church School has fruit and some type of pastry. Thank you Supt. Monroe and Chairman Robert Smith for leading out in devotion: Song – “When We All Get To Heaven,” Scripture, Zechariah 7:8-14, Prayer led by Chairman Smith. A Special Shout out to Administration, Teaching Staff and Students for your participation in Church School.  The Chuch School lesson was, “God Demands Justice” Zechariah 7:8-15. A wonderful lesson. I pray that every one was impacted by the lesson. A special shout out to our visitors who attended Church School.

We are blessed every fourth Sunday with the Male Chorus leading out in Worship through song. We were blessed to have Rev. Tony Long back in California for a week. He came and worship with us, and lead out in the Call to Worship. As usual the Male Chorus Praise Team was a tremendous blessing in leading out in the Praise Period/Devotion. We were blessed to have 7 Visitors worshipping with us on Sunday. Shout out to Bro. Art Cook for doing an outstanding job on the Welcome and to the Ushers, Nurses Unit, Sound Ministry, Welcome & Greeters, Deacons, Saints of Wisdom, Multi-media Ministry, Children’s Time with Jesus, Trustees, Musicians, Directors, Minister of Music and Ministers and the Membership in coming to Worship the Lord our Savior.

I want to thank you for supporting at Pilgrim Progressive Baptist Church Mission Service. Mass Choir you were a great blessing. Thank you membership for your support. God bless you New Paradise. You continue to be a blessing to me. I thank God for calling me to pastor this church. It is my desire to Glorify God. I love you New Paradise!

Your servant in Christ,

Pastor Moore