To God be the glory for the great things He has done! What a blessed day. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to assemble together with the people of God at New Paradise Baptist Church.

The day started at Church School where the attendance was really good; we had 68 in attendance. That may not seem like a lot to some, but it was good for us. Praise God! A big shout out to the YAYC for leading out in Church School Devotion. Great Job young people, I appreciate you. Church School Administrative Staff, thank you for continuing to make sure that the business of the Church School is in order. AT, Sis. Bush, Denise & Akida.  Thank you Teaching Staff for your dedication in preparing make sure that you “rightly divide the Word of Truth.” Thank you students for attending in order that you might be edified in the Word of Truth. The Lesson came from Ezekiel 18:1-13,31-32, titled “A Call To Repentance.”

What a time we had in Morning Worship. Thank you Rev. Pitre for your passionate reading of Psalm 103:1-12 for the Call to Worship. A great big shout out to the Young Adult Praise Team for a truly Spirit-filled Praise Period. Thank you Young Adults! I am grateful that God blesses every week to have visitors to come and worship with us. Thank you Welcome & Greeters for being so pleasant when the visitors walk through the doors. Thank you NPBC for being a loving church that makes visitors feel welcome when they walk through the doors. I want to personally thank you NPBC for blessing my wife for her birthday! Your kindness is so beautiful. THANK YOU!  Now, What can I say about the YAYC? What a great blessing! As you were lifting up our Lord and Savior, I could see Jesus in the songs that you were singing. Thank you Everett, Tina, Denise & Chairman! Thank you Bro. Billy, Jean & Shirley! Thank you Young People! God used you. I am continuing in the series, “The Challenge of the Church in a Disturbed Social Order,” coming from Revelation 1-3. The title of the sermon was “Persevering Under Intense Persecution” Revelation 2:8-11.

Once again I want to thank every Auxiliary and Ministry for your continued dedication to serving the Lord and supporting NPBC. I thank you personally for continuing to hold up my arms as I carryout the ministry that God has called me to. Let us continue to move forward with ever increasing zeal for the Lord in the days to come. I want to challenge everyone to increase your Bible Reading and I want to encourage Everyone to attend Church School, Prayer & Bible Study. Our Relationship with the Lord and our spiritual growth is the most important thing in all of our lives. Please make sure that you  are taking it seriously. God bless you NPBC. I love you!

Your servant in Christ,

Pastor Moore