What a Sunday! We were blessed to have another day to Worship the Lord our God.

A special thanks to Deacon Ken Harrison of the transportation for being at your post and picking up the members for Church School.

After coming off of another wonderful Vacation Bible School with everyone brimming with the excitement of 5 straight nights of Bible Instruction, crafts, games, fun & food.  Sister Toni, thank you for  your outstanding leadership. We were back to Church School and ready to partake of the Lesson from Jeremiah 7:1-15 titled “Mend Your Ways.” I want to thank the Voices for leading out in Devotion/Praise Period. A special thanks to Class #1, Class #2, Class #3, Class #4, Class #5, Class #6 & Class #7 for being there to be taught and for the teachers there to teach. Church School is a very vital part of the Church because it is the place where we can become intimate with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Thank you Superintendent & Staff.

I thank God for the for the Voices for leading out in Devotion/Praise Period.  Also thank you for all of the Ministries for their faithful dedication to the Lord and to the church. A big shoutout to the candidates for Baptism: Elaine Williams, Sheryl Montoya & Julio Montoya.  Thank you Rev. Davidson for baptizing the candidates. I thank God for our visitors for coming to worship our Lord with us. Sunday’s Sermon was from Revelation 2:1-7, titled “The Priority of Love,” Continuing in the Series Titled, “The Challenge of the Church in a Disturbed Social Order.” We were blessed to have Sister Nadine Jackson back in worship with us. Thank you Lord for raising her up. A special thanks to the Deacons & Trustees for their exceptional leadership

Once again, I want the membership of New Paradise Baptist Church to know that I a grateful to God Almighty for He great providence in placing me here at New Paradise. I am asking for you to be in prayer for Bro. Sean Fuller as he travels to see about his father in Atlanta, and for Elizabeth and family while He is away. Also, please be in prayer for Sis. Rita Washington as she will be going into Surgery on 8/11/15. Please continue to keep Deacon Williams in prayer. Thank you for being a loving church! I love you New Paradise.

Your servant in Christ,

Pastor Moore