There is a song that says, “He keeps doing great things for me.” I want to change it up and say, “The Lord keeps, doing great things for New Paradise.”  I absolutely enjoy worshipping the Lord with the people of New Paradise.

The start of another uplifting Sunday came with Church School and the Deacon R. L. Stidum & Mother Virginia Stidum leading out and doing a wonderful job in Church School Devotion.  Attendance was down a little. I am asking all of the parents to please bring your children & youth to Church School, it is the foundation we receive from the teaching that is provided week after week. The lesson came from Isaiah 59:15-21 titled “Our Redeemer Comes.” Thank you Administration, Teaching Staff & Students.

I want to thank the Associate Ministers for doing an outstanding job in providing leadership in Morning Worship. Thank you for taking the lead when I was handling a matter, and you did not wait for me to come back to the office, you started Morning Worship on time.

I want to give a shout out to the Welcome & Greeters, Ushers, Sound Ministry, Nurses Corp, ASL & the Multi-Media.  Thank You Deacons & Deacons Wives for 100% Attendance and leading out in an uplifting Devotional Praise Period. God bless you Chairman Smith and Chairwoman Stidum for your leadership. Also, A great big shout out to the Voices. You did an outstanding job! Thank you Ivy, Eric, Billy, Marcus, Jean, Shirley & Barry. Thank you Loyal for your leadership. Also, Thank you Sarita for doing an outstanding job presenting the announcements. I have noticed how the Lord has been blessing our Morning Worship Attendance. Thank you Celebrities for always supporting NPBC and thank you Membership. Thank you Trustees for your faithfulness in making sure that the business of NPBC is handled right. We missed you Denise.  Thank you Sister Bush for making sure everything was in place before you went to your Family Reunion. God bless you. Thank you Children’s Time With Jesus! We had the opportunity to extend the Right Hand of Fellowship to Stephon Brazwell, Josephine Herrera and Cecilia White.

The Sermon Series, “The Challenge of the Church in a Disturbed Social Order” continued in the Book of Revelation 1:9-20 titled “A Clear View of the Glorified Christ.” I am inviting everyone to come and be a part of Vacation Bible School this week. I ask that you will be in prayer that God will be glorified first and foremost and that His will, will be done and that Souls will be saved and edified. VBS is always an uplifting and fun time. Thank you Sister Toni for all of your dedication to make sure that God is Glorified and we are edified. Thank you VBS Staff!

I love you NPBC! Thank you for all that you do for our Lord and Savior.

Your servant in Christ,
Pastor Moore