Yesterday was our Annual Worship Without Walls Day at Mission Bay with Exodus Church. It was a very special day due to the fact that we had 7 Candidates for Baptism. It was a very moving experience to see all seven candidates excited to get Baptized.

The day started out at 5:30 a.m. at Mission Bay’s DeAnza Cove with the Men of NPBC and the Men of Exodus arriving to set up for the day’s events. The Men of NPBC and the Men of Exodus enjoyed working together to set up everything. We prayed for the things that would take place. Every year Bro. Rodney Greene of Exodus brings Coffee & Donuts for the Men. A special thank you to Chairman Robert Smith, Dea. A. T. Monroe, Dea. Jim Johnson, Dea. Joe Lemon, Bro. Cameron Monroe and Bro. Art Cook for rising early and making the trip.

Attendees began arriving at 7:30. Always faithful Mother Pitre, Bro. Jackie Moss and Sis. Rosemary Pollard were the first to arrive.  Special thanks to Dea. Donnie Little & Dea. Ken Harrison for being faithful in the Transportation Ministry and getting the members to Worship Without Walls.

Church School was kicked off by the Men of NPBC for leading out in Devotion. Special Thanks to Pastor Owens, A. T. Monroe, Rhonda Bateman & Chairman for teaching the Church School Lesson. Outstanding Job!

Morning Worship was started off by the Men of Exodus and the Men of NPBC, Very up-lifting.  Thank you Jasmine Henderson for extending the Welcome. Thank you Ivy, Billy and the choir members that participated in the combined choirs of Exodus and NPBC.  The message came from Psalm 124 “Reflection & Rejoicing.”

The next highlight of the day was the Baptism of Cecilia White, Josephine Herrera, Maxine Williams, Cheryl Pitre, Stephon Brazwell, Ted Womack & Isiah Elder. What an awesome experience to baptize the candidates in the Bay. One thing I noticed was the people that were there apart from us, all of a sudden got quiet and observed the Baptism that was taking place. We never know what God will do in reaching those who are lost.

Last, but not least, Thank you so much to all who assisted in the preparation and the serving of the food: Sis. Bush, Crystal Dunn, Roshaundra Dike, Valerie Smith, Ali Carson, Art Cook and the Members of Exodus. A special thanks to those who help to assist those who were not able to stand in line to get food.  Thank you to all who attended and to those who stayed and broke down the equipment and returned everything back to the church. All in all, it was an absolutely wonderful day. Please make plans to attend the Congress this week. I love you NPBC!

Your servant in Christ,

Pastor Moore