There is a line in a gospel song that says, “He keeps doing great things for me.” Well I want to change it a little and say, “He keeps doing great things for us.” Our Heavenly Father has continued lavishing His bountiful blessings upon NPBC; and O How I Thank HIM! The kitchen is 99% completed, and it is beautiful! Church School was a tremendous learning experience. It is so great to come together as a body of believers to study the Word of God. It is so wonderful to come together in corporate worship with the people of God. I don’t know if you know that it is a privilege worshipping with others, that is why the Word of God admonishes us in Hebrews to not “forsake the assembling of ourselves together…”

We were blessed to Sister Estee visiting with us in Church School and also Morning Worship. The Lesson came from Micah 2:4-11, “No Rest For The Wicked,” A powerful lesson that instructs us to be just in our dealings, and to heed the warnings from the word of God. A great big shout out to all of the Teaching Staff at NPBC, especially Donnie Little, Rhonda Bateman, Chairman Smith and Ronalda Day. These four teach the Kindergarten, Primary, Junior and Youth/Intermediate classes. You have the responsibility of impacting young lives for Jesus. Also a shout out to the Young Adults for coming consistently. I am proud of you. I must say, we do have a wonderful group of Young Adults.

Thank you Deacon’s Wives for your faithfulness every first Sunday. Mother Virginia Stidum you are a wonderful blessing. And, by the way, you all look so good in your white attire. I thank you for your hard work for the kingdom.  Deacons, you men are always on point. Chairman Smith, and Vice Chairman Drummond, your leadership is always appreciated, it is a blessing to me knowing that I don’t have to have to be concerned about any mishaps, because you and the rest of the men are always on top of it. Thank You!

Morning worship was a great blessing. What can I say about all that are involved, making sure that we give the Lord our best. Welcome and Greeters, Sound Ministry, Ushers, Nurses, Multi-Media, Music Ministry, i.e. Ivy, Eric, Loyal, Billy, Marcus, Jean, Barry, Shirley and oh, how we miss our tambourine player, Nadine Jackson; she will be back soon. Thank you for all of your efforts. Our Announcement  Clerk, Sarita does it with class and style. Our Celebrities, you are a blessing to us. Associate Ministers, Thank you for your support and all you do for this church. Sis. Bush, thank you for your passionate work. Denise, thank you for your leadership of the trustees, and thank you trustees for all that you do.

The Lord directed me to start a new Sermon Series entitled, The Challenge of the Church in a Disturbed Social Order, coming from Revelation 1-3. Yesterday’s sermon was titled “Having A Clear Vision of Christ” Rev. 1:1-8. To God be the Glory.

I am looking forward to a week filled with much to do: Congress Rally Cheer Rehearsals, Bible Studies, VBS Staff Meeting and Congress Rally. God is AWESOME! I love you NPBC.

Pastor James Moore Jr.