What a wonderful Sunday! It was Father’s Day! Thank you NPBC! You are a special church to me.

The day started out again with everyone who arrived for Church School in a pleasant joyful mood. Thank you YAYC for leading out in Devotion: Raeshondra, Zyonna, Denasia and Denise. A special thanks to Leisha Monroe for providing coffee and donuts for the Church School.  A special thanks for the Transportation Ministry and our newest driver Bro. Sean Fuller.  Shout out to the Students who attend Church School and to the teachers who faithfully prepare week after week. The Church School is a vital part of the local church. Thank you A T Monroe for your leadership in the Church School. The Lesson title was “Rebuked for Selfishness” Amos 6:4-8,11-14. I am asking everyone to make plans to attend Church School next Sunday, I promise you will be spiritually blessed and edified.
Morning worship was a great blessing. Thank you Rev. Pitre and Rev. Davidson for your service and support. Thank you Robin Lemon for stepping in for Everett Benze with the YAYC. Thank you Young Adults for leading out in the Praise Period! Christina Smith, thank you for your leadership. YAYC, Thank you for leading out in Worship through Music. Thank you Bro. Billy for your faithfulness. Thank you Rhonda Bateman and Donnie Little, teachers for Classes 1 & 2, for your Father’s Day presentation & hugs for all of the Fathers. I personally want to thank the Church and Willing Workers for the Father’s Day blessings you presented to me. We were blessed to have a number of Visitors who blessed us with their presence.  The Message came from Matthew 6:9, “Recognizing God’s Fatherhood”
Shout outs to the Welcome & Greeters who continually make people feel welcome when they walk in the door. Thank you Mother Richardson, Toni Shoffner & Jasmine Henderson. Shout out to the Sound Ministry, Great Job. Shout out to the Ushers. Shout out to the Nurses Ministry, Vickie Lindsey, thank you for your faithfulness. Shout out to Bro. Aaron Walker – Multi Media Ministry. Shout out to all of our Celebrities you are an inspiration to NPBC. Shout out to the Deacons & Deacon’s Wives, Music Department. Shout out to the Trustees for making sure the Church Business is in order. Also, I want to thank Crystal Dunn for her desire to lead out with the Hospitality Ministry, let us support her.
It was another great Sunday due to the fact that we have 2 more candidates for Baptism. Join me in Welcoming Bro. Ted Womack and Maxine Williams. In the last three weeks we have had 9 unite with NPBC with 7 of those Candidates for Baptism: Cheryl Pitre, Isiah Elder, Stephon Brazwell, Josephine Herrera, Cecilia Herrera, Maxine Williams & Ted Womack. They will be Baptized at our Worship Without Walls Service on July 12th at Mission Bay. We thank God for Deacon James Johnson & Mother Shirley Johnson who came on Christian Experience Experience. God is So Good.
New Paradise, I thank God for blessing me to be your pastor. It is a joy. I’ll be praying for you, Please keep praying for me & my family. God bless you. Love you!
Your servant in Christ,
Pastor Moore