I have said these things to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. but take heart; I have overcome the world. (John 16:33, ESV)

I want to say this by way of encouragement, there will be times when we will have reached our breaking point; overwhelmed to the max. We may feel like we just can’t go on any further. There may be a time when we may want to throw in the towel and say “I give up.” I want to inspire you to rethink your desire to step away.

It is necessary for every believer to take a step back and go into prayer before they make the hasty decision to give up. The enemy desires to cause us to move away from our service to the Lord. It is important that we never lose sight that God has graciously allowed us the honor and privilege of being used by Him. The enemy likes to send attacks that discourage us. He has a plethora of devices that he uses to lure us away from our steadfast devotion. His chief source of discouragement comes from people. Some who are not born again; some who are spiritual infants; and some who have let their guard down and have gotten caught up in their own self focus. I have found that people can be great discouragers. Please do not allow someone’s lack of spiritual maturity to cause you to walk away from your service to the Lord. Hold your ground! DON’T GIVE UP!

It is extremely important to keep at the forefront of our minds that we are serving Christ first! I cannot express this fact any more emphatically. God has graciously allowed us to have the privilege of serving Him through serving others. When we lose sight of that we become self-focused, and we forget that it is not about us, it is about Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. It is the enemy’s plan to cause those who are seeking to serve the Lord faithfully to become disheartened by something or someone and drawback from our service. If the enemy succeeds in causing us to stop serving, we have allowed him to win a battle. It is also important to remember when we accepted the position we made a commitment to carryout our responsibilities; by quitting, we have gone back on our word. By accepting, we told the people we serve and most notably the Lord that we would carryout our responsibilities. I just want you to think about it.

I want to encourage you from the Words of Jesus. In John chapters fourteen through sixteen; Jesus prepared his disciples for the inevitable fact that He was going to be leaving them and returning to the Father, but He promised them that the Holy Spirit would come and to take up residence inside of them. They would have ability to handle the ministry He was placing them into, and also whatever attacks that would come from the enemy. It was immensely important for them to understand that they would not be left alone without any power to serve. The same is true for us. We have the ability through the Holy Spirit to endure whatever problems that arise in ministry because the Lord is with us. That is why it is necessary to draw from the Lord’s strength to help us endure the discouragements that come with leadership and service.

Jesus said that He had spoken His Words to them so that “in Him” they would have peace first of all. He then stated the absolute truth, that “in the world” they “would have tribulation.” Jesus then issued great encouragement to them by telling them to be courageous, to stand firm in the face of adversity because He is victorious already and that they would be victorious also. For the disciples, giving up was not an option. So therefore, I am asking each of us to remember that the Lord will help us endure the tough challenges of service so that we too will not give up.

 Your servant in Christ,

Pastor Moore