One of the greatest joys a man can ever experience is the Joy of Fatherhood. Being a father can be a very daunting experience because we have been entrusted with the responsibility of influencing the precious lives that God has loaned unto us. It is extremely important for us to understand that we have the ability to either be a blessing or ruin the lives of our children.

Making babies does not make one a father; it is only when we invest time in that child’s life by taking time to first of all show them what life is all about according to God’s purpose. It is about being unselfish and sacrificing so that our children can have what they need materially, physically and emotionally. It’s about coming away from the TV, and talking to them, spending time with them, going to the park with them, riding bikes with them, taking them to the ballgame and dealing with them when they get out of line.

I have heard many fathers say that their time with their children is “quality time” because they don’t have much “quantity time” to spend with them. Well, I must encourage you to not only spend “quality time” but “quantity time.” There is nothing more that child wants than to spend as much time as they can with their Dad.

I often remember saying when I was a teenager saying, “That there is no way I would ever raise my children the way my father raised me.” And since I became a father, I have learned how to be slow to speak about what you would or would not do. I found myself doing and saying the same things that my dad said and did in my life. Those are things that I will remember until I go to heaven.

Father’s, again, we have the ability to make or break our children. It is so important for them to see us living out our lives to the glory of God. They need to see us seeking God’s help and guidance when problems and adversity arise; they will then have a frame of reference to draw from because we have shown them that this is the way to solve problems. They need to see us taking care of business at home. They need to see and understand what it is to be a man. And that doesn’t mean sending them money while I’m away doing my own thing, and thinking that that is being a good father! Our society has belittled fatherhood, and has made it something that is antiquated and obsolete. Well, I’ve got news for you! Fatherhood is one of the greatest privileges that we have because we are shaping young lives to carry on in this decaying culture with standards that will prevent the degrading of our culture.

We need to raise boys that will grow up and be worth something that our girls can marry and reproduce their lives in the lives of their children. We need to raise girls that will know what a man really is by what they have seen in their fathers. We must have a standard that will influence our children. “…But as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD!” Think about what I am saying, and stop the madness!

Your servant in Christ,

Pastor James Moore, Jr.