Why is it there are those who have a very hard time admitting they are wrong, even when there is concrete evidence of their wrongdoing?  It is a sad day to get to the place where one is not able to just say, “I was wrong, I’m sorry.” Instead, excuses are made, as to why the individual did what they did. That very action goes all the way back to the Garden of Eden where our Federal Head Parents, Adam and Eve set the precedence for others passing the blame somewhere else other than where it needs to be.

When an individual admits their willful defiance, their goings astray, their disobedience and their wrongdoing; it is a sign of one’s genuine spiritual growth. When one does not see anything wrong with their actions; it is a sign of spiritual immaturity or their lack of salvation. It is very important that one acknowledges their guilt in a wrong.  To refuse to do so manifests one’s indifference to do what is right.  One must not be so blind to their own mess ups, as to think they never do anything wrong. We must learn to admit it with humility and then move in the direction away from habitually engaging in whatever we do to offend others.

Allow me to give some examples; there are those who have a tendency to talk harshly to others. They are oblivious to the tone of their voice, and many times when they are told about it they feel that they are not harsh when they speak. And the funny thing about those who talk harshly to others get extremely angry when someone does it to them. What a Joke! But, I have always learned, that If enough people tell me something about myself that is offensive, then I need to start looking at what they are saying. It is nothing wrong with doing a self-examination on yourself; as a matter of fact, the Bible tells us in 2 Corinthians to –

“Examine yourselves as to whether you are in the faith. Test yourselves. Do you not know yourselves, that Jesus Christ is in you? Unless indeed you are disqualified.”

Then I have to be honest with myself and humble myself and then be mindful of not offending anyone anymore. It is foolish of me to get angry every time I am confronted about something that pertains to myself.  Again think about it, you are either extremely immature or you lack salvation.   Admit it!

Another example is when one is always running down others, and when they are finally confronted, they either try to lie their way out, or they have an arrogant attitude and act like it is not a big deal. Do you not know that every time you run down someone you are exalting yourself as being better than they are? Did you even take the time to find out if they were going through anything that may cause them to be like they are? Do you not understand when you run down others you are actually “sowing discord among the brethren; and we know that is one of the seven things that are an abomination to God, that is, He literally detests it.  Instead of trying to lie your way out or having an arrogant attitude and act like it is not a big deal, just admit it, repent and seek to keep your mouth closed the next time you want to run someone down.  It is highly important that we be honest with ourselves and most importantly with God.  Admit it.

Your servant in Christ,

Pastor Moore