The thing that makes salvation so great is a twofold fact: first, we have been placed into a right relationship with the Father.  The Bible proclaims expressly that, “The Spirit bears witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God.”  Therefore, we are privileged to have everything that God almighty has promised to His Son, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  In other words, “we are joint heirs with Christ” (Romans 8:17).  Second, we have been delivered from the penalty of sin, which is the wrath of God.  We are no longer awaiting an eternal death sentence.

The greatest tragedy in life anyone could ever face is not losing a job, losing a boyfriend or girlfriend, having a car stolen, your bank account being taken over by someone stealing your identity or even having a tornado. Earthquake, hurricane or a tsunami, where everything you possess is wiped out.  I am by no means trying to lessen the impact of these disastrous events.  But there is a tragedy greater than anything that could ever happen to anyone in this life, and that is to end up in hell, eternally separated from Jesus Christ.

Hell is a stone cold reality, and many people do not like to think about it, let alone, talk about it.  Hell is a place where all who reject Jesus Christ will spend eternity.  Think about it, there will never be a time where that individual will experience relief.  Jesus stated that Hell is a place where, “…Their worm does not die and the fire is not quenched.” (Mark 9:44).  I have heard people make jokes about hell, saying things like, “I’ll be there with all my friends, and we will continue this party in hell.”  Jesus said hell is a place of “outer darkness,” a place where there is “weeping and gnashing of teeth.”  The late C. S. Lewis said, “Hell is a sobering reality for those who don’t believe.”  It is a place of extreme anguish and utter despair of those who are lost.

It would be an utter disaster if you achieved everything you want in life: success, wealth, popularity, and come to the end of your life without Jesus Christ.  The fact of the matter is, you have lived a life of failure, even if you have achieved everything you worked hard for, because you have missed out on what is the most important thing in life, coming into a right relationship with Jesus Christ.

Of course this is to those who have not placed their faith in Jesus Christ; allow me to share with you the most important thing you could ever do in this life; it is to humble yourself and cry out to the Lord in Repentance and faith in Jesus Christ.  It will add eternal bliss to your life.  I am pleading with those who are not saved, please receive Him today.  If you receive Him today, you will no longer be an enemy of God, you will be justified by faith, and you have waiting for you an inheritance that all the money in the world cannot buy! Please do not leave this earth without Jesus Christ; because eternity is a very long time that never ends.

Your servant in Christ,

Pastor Moore