Hello NPBC!  What a Joy it is to serve The Lord our God with you. I am joyfully delighted to post the Sunday Notes today.  I am grateful for the additions that He keeps adding to NPBC.  Shout out to Brenda Gibson, Rico Little, Sonjay Quest and Andre Sanders. Also, I praise God for bringing Rev. Bryant Overstreet back.

Shout out to Church School! After all these years, Church School continues to be a strong influence in my life.  I thank God for all who Sunday after Sunday come out and share in the privilege of the Church School Experience.  Thank you Supt. A. T. the Maximum Effort you put into making sure that the Church School is reaching higher heights.  Thank you for providing great leadership.  Thank you Teachers for dedicated and diligent service.  You are impacting the lives of the students that attend the classes God has assigned your hands to.

Morning Worship! Wow! What can I say? Male Chorus, I am so blessed by the fact that with only a few men, you sing with so much JOY and ZEAL.  Shout out to Bro. Carl Overstreet, Bro. Billy and Bro. E.O., Thank you Everett for being there.

Shout out to Rev. Kevin Pitre, thank you for being a blessing yesterday.  God bless you. Thank you for allowing me to take a break.  Thank you to the ministers and deacons and deacon’s wives for your leadership.

And to all the Ministries for endeavoring to honor and glorify God through giving our Maximum Effort (Spoudazoing)!  NPBC, I want you to ask yourself the question, “Am I seeking God First or Me First?” only you know the answer.  Please make sure that you are seeking God first.  I love you New Paradise!

Your servant in Christ,

Pastor Moore