It is a great joy to be able to worship the great members of NPBC.  The experience of this church is anything but routine.  I am excited every week.

Every Sunday starts out with the wonderful experience of Church School. I am a strong proponent of Church School. It is the strength of a Church.  Our Church School has many dedicated students who are hungry for the Word of God.  Thank you to a faithful teaching staff, a dedicated Superintendent and administrative staff. It is still a desire to have every member of New Paradise enrolled in the Church School.

Shout out to the Deacons and Wives for leading out in Church School Devotion. The lesson came from Exodus 3:7-17, titled, “Preparation for Deliverance.” Wonderful lesson detailing God’s calling of Moses to be the instrument God uses to deliver His people.  If you been a believer or a part of the church for any length of time, you know about the story of Moses.  A special shout out to our Children, Youth and Young Adults who faithfully attend Church School.

Morning Worship was spiritually uplifting! Thank you Deacons and Wives for leading out in the Praise Period.  You all look so good standing in front of the church in your black and white.  Thank you Voices for being a blessing.  Ivy Z, Eric O, Billy, Marcus and Barry, I appreciate you.  Altos, Sopranos and Tenor thank you for being there.

I surprised everyone when I started preaching before the time I normally get up.  The Lord had me to preach from Genesis 35:1-15, “Take Me Back To The Place Where I First Received You,” As I continued in the series, “The Functions of a Dysfunctional Family.”  I am really enjoying this series.

I want to Thank Rev. Marvin Davidson and Rev. Kevin Pitre for their love and support.  I also want to give a shout out to Tyra Chestang who always encourages me every time I see her at church.  Shout out to all of the Ministries of NPBC.  Thank you Sis. Bush and Leisha Monroe for the Phone Announcements; Everett Benze, Sound Ministry.  Transportation Ministry, thank you; College Care Ministry and Trustees, along with everyone.  I will give special recognition to every ministry in weeks to come.  Thank you for your faithfulness, you help to make the experience at NPBC a great Joy! I love you NPBC!

Your servant in Christ,

Pastor Moore