The church is made up of many different individuals that our Lord has blessed with spiritual gifts, various talents and abilities.  Every one of those gifts, talents and abilities are to be used for the express purpose of exalting and honoring The Lord God Almighty, and for the edifying the Body of Christ.  Never has the Lord blessed us with these spiritual gifts, talents and abilities to be used for our own self-gratification.

Therefore, we must always view these blessings as an awesome honor that God would use us for the purpose of glorifying Him and serving others.  There must never be a time when we lose our minds and think that we are so talented, in and of ourselves, and that it is in the power of our own strength and ability that we are able to carry out the things we do for Him.

Also, let us remember that if God has blessed all of His children with gifts and abilities, our ideas are not the only ideas that matter.  We should never look down upon anyone who has a desire to serve the Lord by doing their best for Him.  Let me explain, you may have been the committee leader for, let’s say, the church barbeque, and you asked the Lord to direct you so that the barbeque would glorify Him.  The Lord made known to you what would best honor Him.  He blessed the efforts of the committee, and everything turned out to be successful.  God was glorified and honored by the effort of everyone.  Well, it’s a new year and a new committee leader; they have prayed and the Lord has directed them in what they must do to honor Him.  When the committee leader and the committee implement the plans, it is not your responsibility to say, “Well, that is not the way it is supposed to be done…” if they have sought the Lord, and He has moved upon their hearts, and that which they have presented is not contrary to Scripture; then your next response should be to step back and support the efforts of the one who is the current committee leader without being critical.  We must always remember that God can use others, you and I are not the only ones He has blessed with, gifts, abilities, talents and ideas.

The mark of genuine Christian goodwill and fellowship is to be the best supporter of whatever you are a part of without sitting back, criticizing and trying to find others who feel the same way you do in order to be a stumbling block. The Lord does not bless that type of behavior.  And, furthermore, you are spiritually immature; and most of all you need to grow up.  Let me share something else with you, if you think that something will not work just because you get angry and refuse to participate, let me express to you the words that a wise individual once told me; he said, “One monkey don’t stop the show, unless it’s a one monkey show.” The last time I checked, God has many people that he can use with or without us to accomplish whatever He wants to do.

These are words that we need to remember, God uses more than just me to accomplish His will.

Your servant in Christ,

Pastor Moore