It is truly amazing how fast time seems to go by. Everyday is still 24 hours; every hour is still 60 minutes and every minute is still 60 seconds.  But it still seems like it is going fast.  I said all that to say this, we have already gone past the fourth Sunday of September, time flies when you are having a wonderful time.

Special thanks to the Church School for leading out in the Church School Devotion, and I want to thank all who were able to come out for participating.  Devotion is so very important, I equate it to preheating the oven.  We come together to direct our focus on The Lord in order to go into our time with Him without any distractions.

Another wonderful lesson from Genesis 9:8-17 “God’s Everlasting Covenant.” Special thanks to the Church School Administration for your leadership and the Teaching Staff for your continued dedication to proclaiming God’s Truth, and to the Students who faithfully come and take part in the systematic study of God’s Word.  It is still my desire to have every member of NPBC participate in the systematic study of God’s Word.  I promise you, it will enhance your worship.

Sunday’s are so special because it is the time the church comes together to Worship The Lord corporately.  The coming together at NPBC is a special time for me.  I am blessed to be around the most beautiful people.  Yesterday (9/22/13) was no different.  I am usually the first one to arrive between 6:00 a.m. and 6:30 a.m.  I love hearing our Transportation men, (Little or Harrison) arrive and come up to greet me in the morning; then Bro. Jackie Moss come in and say “Good morning” with his deep baritone voice; followed by Valerie coming at 8:00 a.m to pray and coming in the door and saying in her high pitched voice, “Good Morning Pastor Moore!” Followed by others who continue streaming in.  I can hear from my office everyone greeting each other and the laughter and conversations that go on in Baker Hall.  This is a wonderful part of the fellowship that kicks off the day at NPBC.  What A Church!

Shout out to Rev. Anthony Long  for leading out in the Call to Worship and to the Male Chorus for a highly charged, Spirit-filled praise period.  Shout out to the Visitors who come and worship with us and every individual who takes part in the Worship Experience at New Paradise.  God has blessed us greatly. If you notice when  you come in the doors at NPBC you are greeted by the friendliest smiles of the Welcome & Greeters, then the Ushers, from there the membership.  We are endeavoring to glorify God in every way from your arrival unto your departure.  I thank God for the honor of Pastoring NPBC and for the Honor of knowing you! I love you New Paradise.

Your servant in Christ,

Pastor Moore