After a week off from the Sunday Notes due to being exhausted from our busy schedule. I am back, we still have a busy schedule.  Thank you NPBC for coming out and supporting.  I am greatly blessed to have the privilege of being the Pastor of this great Church.  Thank you LORD!

We started yesterday once again with a wonderful Church School lesson from Gen. 2:18-25 – “Created Male and Female.” All I can say is WOW! In class 6 there was tremendous participation from the class members.  I know, at least in Class 6, the participation has been really good, I am grateful that the students are taking time to study their lessons.  I believe that it is the same for all of the classes.  Thank you teachers for your dedication to making sure that you impact the students of your classes: Rhonda, Donnie, Chairman, Gloria, Tony, Marvin and A.T.  In my opinion you are all a special blessing to the Church School and the Church.  Shout outs go also to the Church School Administration: A.T., Sis. Bush, Denise and Akida, thank you for keeping a tight ship with the Administration of the Church School.  We are endeavoring to Totally Educate All Members, it is important for the membership of NPBC to understand that the Strength of the Church comes through the Church School.

Special Shout out to the Voices of NPBC for you leading out in the Worship of our Lord in song.  I am grateful for the music staff, shout out to Ivy, E.O., Billy, Marcus, Jean and Shirley.  Thank you Sopranos, Altos and Tenors. Special Shout out to Eric Overstreet, Tommy Callahan, Kevin Manning and Richard Holt for leading out in Praise Period. You brothers are truly blessed and you blessed the Congregation.

Shout out to the Welcome and Greeters, you make those coming into the church so welcome, thank you! To the Ushers for continuing the welcoming presence, Thank you! To the Deacons and Wives, Ministers, Mothers, Voices, Sound Ministry, Transportation Ministry, Trustees and all who take part in the Worship of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Thank you Sis. Bush and Aaron for making sure that the Information gets out to the Members.

I want to thank you for coming out to Linda Vista Second Baptist Church. I appreciate you all! Thank you Rev. Pitre for supporting. Mass Choir, you were OUTSTANDING!!!  Shout out to you! Membership, Thank you so much! Leaders, thank you for following leadership, It means so much to me.

We have one more outing this upcoming Sunday. I am asking for all of NPBC to come and Support Pastor Bennett and the Macedonia Church for their Pastor’s Appreciation this Sunday at 3:30 p.m. I love you New Paradise

Your servant in Christ,

Pastor Moore