I am always baffled by the number of believers who, when they are facing challenging situations in their lives will always stay away from the Word of God and the fellowship of other believers.  I often times ask them, what are they able to do apart from God’s guidance and strength.  I must tell you, you are fighting a loosing battle.

Let me ask you, when you are going through those challenging times in your life, do you also stay away from work? Or do you stay away from concerts, movies, parties, clubbing, barbecues or other various outings? Let me answer that for you, NO, you don’t!  Because you probably feel  that you need something fun in your life to help you get away from your troubles. Please allow me tell you, after the fun stuff, the problems still exist, and with most of that fun stuff it costs money.  I just can’t figure it out why you run from the One who is able to help you through your trouble, and not only is He able, He will because He promised that He would.

I stand amazed by the fact that many will seek help to relieve their troubles from sources that are really no help at all.  I find it a contradiction if one says they are a believer, and they will not run to the One whom they say they believe in.  That is a real slap in His face.  It is imperative that  you  understand God expects you to seek Him.

I also find it troubling that many Christians will make excuses as to why they stay away from fellowshipping with the people of God.  They will say things like, “I don’t want people knowing my business.”  Give me a break! I know there are busybodies in every church, but there are also those who love The Lord and care dearly about you.  They are not trying to get into your business and be messy.  They genuinely desire to help you get through your issues.  God has strategically placed individuals who are led by the Holy Spirit and are gifted with Spiritual Gifts and that are faithful to the task; I ask that you seek God for guidance as to who they are.  Your problem may be that you are seeking help in all the wrong places and from all the wrong people who do not have your best interest at heart.

Shying away from worship and the fellowship of God’s people is not the best option because we need each other.  As a matter of fact, Hebrews 10:25 instructs us by saying, “Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another so much the more, as ye see the day approaching.” The key point is that we receive encouragement through the Word of God and through coming together with fellow saints of God.  The longer you stay away, it becomes easier and easier for you to stay away.  You are then left alone on an island and you then become susceptible to whatever devices the enemy wants to defeat you with.  It is foolish for you to think that you can handle it on your own.  Why don’t you try Christ?  He will make your challenging situation right.

Your servant in Christ,

Pastor Moore