I am blessed to have the privilege of Pastoring a wonderful church.  NPBC, you are a great blessing to me.

Sunday was another exciting and fulfilling experience that I had with the people of God at NPBC.  You all know how much I love teaching and preaching the Word of God.  And the Joy I always have teaching Class 6, who I consider as one of the best classes to teach along with every class at NPBC.  I hope that makes sense. I believe our church school is becoming one that will be a model for others to follow.  Thank you Superintendent A.T.!   However, it is my desire for all church members to grasp the importance of Church School and the need to be taught the Word of God.

Shout out to the Administrative and Teaching Staff of NPBC! Shout out to the students who attend.  Thanks to the students of class 6, I will be presenting a class on how to study the Bible and get the most out of your study in the very near future.  Ah’Tenae, Tomeka, Denise, Akida just to name a few.  Shout out to Rev. Pitre.

What a wonderful worship experience during the Morning Worship period.  Thank you Rev. Davidson for the Call to Worship from Psalms 67. Deacons and Deacon’s Wives, thank you for Praise and Worship in the Devotional Period.  Welcome & Greeters, thank you for welcoming all who came through the doors with a beautiful smile.  Thank you Ushers for serving with a friendly smile also.  Shout out to the Voices of NPBC for tremendous worship in song, you really blessed us today with the music.  Great job Sopranos, Altos and Tenors.  Denise “Praise Is What I Do” Smith, you were a blessing.

Special thank you to our visitors and those who were from the Randall Family Reunion who chose to worship with us.  May The Lord continue blessing you!  Special shout out to our Mothers,  You are always so encouraging, not only to me, but to all of NPBC! Love you all!

I was able to preach from Genesis 29:15-30 “The Deceiver Got Deceived.”  Thank you Lord!

I am extremely excited about VBS; we are in for another great week of spiritual growth and exciting fun. Shout out to Sister Toni and the VBS Staff.  Also shot out to Eric & Stephanie Overstreet for being a blessing for the VBS this Week.

It was a great joy being able to preside over the Lord’s Supper.  It is always a blessing and a privilege to Remember what our Lord did for us.  To God Be the Glory!

Shout out to YAYC Just because! Another Shout out to POPN, Just because! To the Young Men of NPBC, Just Because, and to All of NPBC, Just Because you are Beautiful People.  I love you NPBC!

Your servant in Christ,

Pastor Moore