Sunday Notes – 6/16/13

What a weekend! The women of New Paradise outdid themselves. They blessed the men with a trip to Felix’s Restaurant on Saturday. The men sat back, ate and laughed the whole time. Shout out to the best women in any church across this great nation. Shout out to Vanetta and her support staff. As you know, men enjoy the simple things.

The women did not stop at Saturday, we were blessed by the Williams’s Sisters: AhTenae’, Myra and Tomeka with breakfast on Sunday morning. Thank you so much for your love and support of the men at NPBC. Also special Thanks to all of the Ministries for the wonderful Father’s Day gifts.

Church School is a tremendous blessing! I am so proud of our teaching staff, and the students that are able to attend. I believe we have one of the best church school’s anywhere. The lesson came from Isaiah 29:9-16 “Meaningless Worship Condemned” A really challenging lesson for us to heed.

We had a great blessing with the Women of NPBC leading out with the music for Father’s Day. They blessed our hearts. Robyn Lemon, Ivy Jones, Bernadine Bush and Denise Smith. Bro. Billy and Jean assisted the Women with the Organ and Drums. I preached from Gen. 25:19-28 “Our Human Fathers” which dealt with Fatherhood.

It was a wonderful blessing to see Mother Richardson and Bro. Miles back in Worship today; they had been under the weather. Praise God for raising them up. Shout out to the young men Alizae, Ali, Darryl, Alex, Aqel and William for mimicking Eric Overstreet, Everett Benze, Tony Long, Marvin Davidson and myself. They were hilarious. Great Job young men. Also, shout out to Classes 1 and 2 for the Father’s Day Cards they made for the Fathers.

Once again, It was a joy worshiping with all of you. New Paradise you are the best! I love you!

Your servant in Christ,

Pastor Moore