What an uplifting day we had on Sunday. I want to first of all thank God for the privilege of the experience of Worshiping Him. The Day started out with the women of L.I.F.T praying at 8:00 a.m., thank you ladies for recognizing the importance of calling on God before the day begins.

Church School, what can I say? The Church School Lesson was so powerful and so convicting because it showed what worship in Heaven is like and how it is to be like that for us in both our corporate and private worship. The lesson came from Isaiah 6:1-8. Shout outs to A.T. Monroe and Tomika Williams for completing the Orientation Class. Shout out to Marvin Davidson, Tony Long, Gloria Moore, Robert Smith, Donnie Little and Rhonda Bateman for their continued dedication to impacting the lives of the students. Shout out also to the administrative staff of Bernadine Bush, Denise Smith and Akida Ashton.

As I reflect on Morning Worship, I am so grateful for the time we had yesterday. We were blessed to have our Deacons, Deacon’s Wives & those set aside leading out in the praise period. Also Thank you Voices of NPBC for leading out in Worship through song. Thank you Membership for your Worship in Giving. Thank you Visitors for coming to worship with us. I am grateful that God led my childhood friend Pastor Terrance Phillips, the Pastor of Prosperity Baptist Church in Los Angeles to come and bless us with the Word of God. He Challenged us to move away from the gate and to come into the church! His message was so powerful. I was tremendously blessed by him being obedient to God and preaching with power and conviction.

We were blessed to have Brother Vince unite with us! God bless you Vince. Shout out to all of the Ministries and a special shout out to our Saints of Wisdom! Thank you for all of your love and support you give to NPBC!

I Thank God for the privilege of being the Pastor of NPBC; you are a great blessing to me. Stay encouraged!

Your Servant in Christ,

Pastor Moore