The week started out on Saturday with the Men of NPBC taking the Precious Jewels of our church, the Mothers, to the Garment District in Los Angeles. The trip was fantastic according to the Precious Jewels. I want to give a shout out to the men of NPBC for your great sacrifice in making sure that our beautiful mothers have a special day.

In my opinion we have one of the best Church Schools around. Thank you NPBC for your faithfulness. I am asking that all of those who have not jumped on board and began to attend Church School that you please come and at least try it for a few Sundays; I promise that you will be blessed. Shout out to Supt. Monroe, Bernadine Bush, Denise Smith, Rhonda Bateman, Dea. Donnie Little, Chairman Smith, Sister Gloria, Rev. A. Long, Rev. Marvin Davidson & Class #6! Keep up the Good work; keep on preparing to Glorify God and teach the students with sound doctrine.

Morning Worship was special because we were in the house of The Lord on Mother’s Day. God has blessed us each week to come and Exalt Him for his Imminence! The Men’s Chorus Praise Team Continues to sing with a high standard; they are a true blessing. Shout out to Carl Overstreet for your leadership in leading the Men’s Chorus and Praise Team. God bless you. Shout out to Bro. Billy, thank you for your outstanding talent!

We were so grateful to honor Mothers Griffin & Brown for their Birthdays. I continued preaching from the overall theme: “Stay In Your Lane” from Numbers 16:1-19. I dealt with title “Bold Accusations.” It is my prayer that everyone is grateful for the place where God has placed them.

Shout out to: Vickie Lindsey, Nurses; Rhonda Bateman, Ushers; Mother Liz Richardson, Welcome & Greeters; YAYC Advisors; ASL Ministry; and our Newest Ministry – POPN (Peer on Peer Network) for the Teenage Girls they had an outstanding start. L.I.F.T.; VBS; Sound Ministry; Youth Ushers; Announcement Clerks; Our Web Master Aaron Walker; and all of the Ministries of NPBC. I Love You New Paradise.

Your Servant in Christ,

Pastor Moore