Every time I have the privilege of coming together with the Members of New Paradise, I get excited because of what every one means to me.  I truly feel that I am so blessed to have the opportunity of being the Pastor of this church.  It is my desire to glorify God by being obedient to His Word.  With that I want to say that we had another wonderful day of worship.

As I look at our Church School, We are continuing to grow as a Church School, not just numerically, but most importantly spiritually.  I sense an excitement in the Church School Students…I have noticed that in the class I teach, they come prepared, and they are faithful.  I am appreciative that our Superintendent A. T. Monroe has cultivated a thriving Church School which is in the process of Totally Educating All Members.  Shout out to Rhonda Bateman and Donnie Little and their classes 1 & 2.  Shout out to Chairman Robert Smith and Class 3.  Shout out to Gloria and Class 4.  Shout out to Rev. Tony Long and Class 5. Shout out to Rev. Davidson and Class 7. Shout out to A. T. and the New Members Orientation Class and the last Shout out to Class 6.  To all of our Church School Administration and Teaching Staff, continue to “spoudazo.” We must always do our best for our God.

I am grateful for all of the Auxiliaries and Ministries of New Paradise.  Thank you Sis. Bush for your dedication.

Morning Worship was tremendously uplifting, The Deacons & Deacon’s Wives set the table during the praise period. Deacon Little and Deacon Manning you blessed us with Glory Glory and I Love to Praise Him.  Thank you Anglia for the announcements.  Voices, Thank you for blessing us with worship in song – Whatever it Takes! and Marvelous Light! God be Praised! The Lord lead me to a new series on Knowing Your Enemy.  Today we started from Ephesians 6:10-12; the points were: “Know Where Your Help Comes From” Know Where Your Attack Comes From” and “Know Who Your Enemy Is.” Next week, if The Lord allows, we will continue the series coming from Ephesians 6:13-17.

I am  grateful to Kathy Chappell for coming to take photos for the website.  Shout out to Aaron for continuing to do a wonderful job on the website. Shout out to Mothers, Willing Workers, Ushers, Voices, Trustees, Praise Dance Ministry, WMU, L.I.F.T., Young Adults, YAYC, Brotherhood. Transportation, Male Chorus, VBS, Welcome and Greeters, Care Committee, Nurses and Ministers.  You all help to make our church a blessing!  To God Be the Glory!

Pastor Moore